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Community contribution by charitable cause

AGL contributes to a broad range of causes and works collaboratively with the communities we operate within to determine investment priorities. The increase in contributions under the category of 'Emergency relief' is a result of $750,000 contributed by AGL for bushfire relief, while the decrease in 'Education and young people' is largely due to AGL's completion of the Gloucester Independent Community Legacy Fund in FY19.


  • Data includes the AGL matched component only of donations raised through Employee Giving and fundraising events, not the donations given by employees. Matched amounts are included in the year in which the employee donations were made (even though the matched payment may have been made after the close of the financial year).

  • AGL utilises the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) framework. This framework is a recognised measurement standard that any company can apply to measure and manage their community investment.

  • AGL has renewed our LBG membership for FY20 and we aim to integrate the LBG framework to improve our community investment strategy.

  • From FY18, the LBG model included a classification called 'Emergency relief'. Donations under this category were not measured prior to FY18.

  • Contributions identified as 'Other' relate to the value of volunteering time taken by employees. Volunteering is undertaken for a range of causes, however the causes are not captured in our data systems.

  • Values may not sum due to rounding.

  • The amount includes the cost of AGL delivering seven projects for the Powering Our Community Fund for FY20, with the other nine projects to be delivered in FY21.


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