Customer debt

Average debt across the portfolio reduced slightly compared with the FY19 period. This is largely due to the ongoing support in helping customers understand their energy consumption and how to reduce usage, along with targeted payment matching and debt relief offers for active Staying Connected customers.


  • Staying Connected is AGL's program for energy customers who have been identified as being in financial hardship.

  • The average energy debt represents the outstanding debt at the customer (rather than account) level asĀ of 30 June in the relevant reporting year.

  • Debt levels include GST.

  • Data excludes Unknown Consumers and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers. An Unknown Customer is a person/s consuming energy at the property without a registered AGL account.

  • From FY19 onwards AGL changed its calculation methodology for determining the average energy debt of all AGL customers to account for all AGL customers, rather than only those with debt.

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