Energy consumption by primary fuel source

Overall energy consumption decreased in FY20 primarily due to the decrease in brown coal consumption at AGL Loy Yang, resulting from an extended outage at Unit 2. AGL Loy Yang also began using brown coal briquettes in FY20. Increased generation from the Liddell Power Station led to increased consumption of black coal.


  • Energy consumption data has been determined in accordance with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and its supporting legislative framework that has been produced (and is periodically updated) by the Australian Federal Government.

  • Energy consumption includes all instances where fuels are combusted, or otherwise consumed by AGL's activities (including flaring, venting and degradation of energy commodities). However, the reported values do not include situations where fuel commodities are used as a feedstock (e.g. in the manufacture of LPG), or where the commodities are not significantly altered by the consumption (such as the consumption of wind, water and solar energy).

  • Energy consumption has been rounded to the nearest TJ.

  • Data comprises energy consumed at our operated facilities, and does not include energy purchased through the wholesale market which is sold to our customers.

  • Biofuel consumption for the purpose of electricity generation ceased in FY20 due to the sale of the National Assets business in FY19.

  • FY20 data was updated in December 2020. Data was not available at the time of the initial release of the 2020 ESG Data Centre on 13 August 2020.

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