Managed water

Cooling water managed at AGL Torrens decreased 11% compared to FY19, which aligns with a general reduction in activity at the facility. Cooling water managed at AGL Macquarie increased 12% compared to FY19, which aligns with an increase in activity at the Liddell Power Station.

Managed water from AGL Hydro reduced by 30% compared to FY19. The decrease is mainly due to a general reduction in water managed across facilities, including significant reductions at Dartmouth Power Station (down from 1,632 GL in FY19 to 885 GL in FY20), Eildon Power Station (down from 1,314 GL in FY19 to 774 GL in FY20), and Copeton Power Station (down from 214 GL in FY19 to 13 GL in FY20).


  • Managed water comprises non-consumptive use of water.

  • FY16 and FY17 data for AGL Macquarie has been restated from numbers reported in the FY17 Sustainability Report following the identification of a calculation error.

  • AGL Hydro Managed Water includes the following facilities, West Kiewa, Bogong, Clover, Mckay, Dartmouth, Banimboola, Eildon, Rubicon Scheme, Cairn Curran, Yarrawonga, Burrendong, Copeton, Pindari, and Glenbawn power stations.

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