Equivalent availability factor

AGL was unable to meet the budgeted Equivalent Availability Factor during FY20 primarily due to a planned outage extension at Bayswater Power Station Unit 4 and the major outage of Unit 2 at AGL Loy Yang.


  • Equivalent Availability Factor (EAF)' measures the percentage of rated energy available when required.

  • In FY20, AGL amended the data boundary for AGL Hydro, which previously incorporated Somerton Power Station. Historical data has been re-stated to reflect this change.

  • FY20 and historical data have been (re)stated to one decimal place.

  • FY17 and FY18 data for the AGL Somerton Power Station have been readjusted.

  • AGL’s EAF figure relates to the full FY20 period. As Barker Inlet Power Station achieved practical completion in June 2020, this facility is not included in AGL’s FY20 EAF figure but will be included in AGL’s EAF reporting from FY21.

  • EAF relating to 'Wind farms' excludes Silverton and Coopers Gap wind farms as these assets were under construction during FY20.

  • Overall EAF is weighted by megawatt (MW) capacity.

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