Women in leadership

AGL has a clear aspiration for the proportion of females in AGL's senior leadership pipeline (SLP) to reach 50%, however this has remained at 38%, consistent with FY19. A significant proportion of the workforce at AGL is weighted to traditionally male-dominated vocations, more specifically the very stable workforce in our operational sites. AGL acknowledges that a 50/50 split for our overall SLP will take longer than three years to achieve.


  • Senior Leadership Pipeline refers to employees in Management Groups A, B, ELT and ET, in accordance with AGL’s Position Framework.

  • The appointment reflects external appointments only. For FY20, the internal appointment rate was around 54% (FY19: 46%). The internal appointment rate is approximate only, as there are occasional differences in the classification of appointments and transfers during organisational restructures.

  • With the implementation of Workday Human Resources Information System in FY19, the AGL Position Framework was refreshed with Hay Reference Levels replacing AGL work levels, and the adoption of an overarching management level structure. Under the new structure, the former Senior Leadership Pipeline definition of 'Level 12 roles and above' used up to and including FY18 directly correlates with Hay Reference Levels 18 and above, which are encapsulated in Management Groups A, B, ELT and ET.

  • FY19 internal appointments reported in note above reflect promotions as recorded in AGL's 'Workday' system from 1 November 2018. Data prior to 1 November is not available due to failure of the externally hosted recruitment solution.

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