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AGL's exit from the Gloucester Independent Community Legacy Fund in FY20 has seen a decrease in total community fund investments by $660,000 in FY20. Other changes to asset community funds are due to additional funding of $100,000 made available by AGL to build social licence, via an increase across the gas and renewables fleet, and include payments for FY19 being made in FY20 for Wattle Point Wind Farm. Further, the impact of COVID-19 has meant some projects, events and partnerships have been deferred beyond FY20.


  • Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF) assets were included fully in FY18, however, AGL's contribution to PARF assets is 20% from FY19.

  • Historical amounts are rounded to the nearest $100.

  • Amounts relate to actual expenditure in the financial year.

  • A community fund is a set amount of investment in a specific community in which AGL operates. Funds include amounts disbursed through grant programs allocated through a publicly advertised expression of interest process which is open to all organisations and associations operating within the community which meet a specific set of criteria.  Community funds may include ad-hoc sponsorships or donations (cash or in-kind) that occur throughout the year and outside of an advertised community grant round.

  • NR: Not Reported

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