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Legislative non-compliance summary

The number of environmental regulatory reportable incidents in FY20 decreased to nine from 12 in FY19. AGL received one penalty infringement notice (PIN) during FY20 for an event that occurred in FY19, and additionally has received a PIN in July 2020 for an incident that occurred during FY20.

Legislative non-compliance summary for FY20



Legislative non-compliances resulting in adverse court findings



Environmental regulatory reportable (ERR) incidents



Environmental penalty infringement notices (PINS)


On the 26 August 2019, a penalty infringement notice was issued to AGL Macquarie Pty Limited (AGLM) in relation to an event that occurred in late February 2019 at the Bayswater Power Station where a spill occurred from a pipeline, known as the lime softening plant pipeline. The event resulted in approximately 25,000 m3 of lime sludge travelling approximately 500 m down an unnamed drainage line. This event became the subject of regulatory action by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under relevant environmental legislation, with a penalty infringement notice being issued to AGLM for an alleged failure to comply with a licence condition involving the pollution of waters.


  • Environmental regulatory reportable' incidents comprise incidents that trigger mandatory notification provisions under legislation and/or environmental licences.

  • During FY20, AGL recorded a total of eightincidents of non-compliance associated with water quantity and/or quality permits, standards, and regulations, of which three were classified as ERR incidents.

  • Further details relating to these PINs, as well as other Environmental Protection Authority matters, are included in the 'Environmental regulation' section of the FY20 Annual Report.

SASB Electrical Utilities & Power Generators Standard, IF-EU-140a.2

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